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Ball-jointed Doll Ai (DenUsualphalaFun-sized Q-727) by JVintageun Versatile posesPlaElegantnning

Standard materials Ball-jointed Satisfactory Service - We are comm [...]

Cindi Stowell

Cindi Stowell of Cindi’s BJD Designs discovered the dolls only a few years ago. [...]

BJDcollectasy Christmas Card

Things have Highly sought afterbeen very hectic here at BJDcollectasy as we (the [...]

Dolls: Mini Peridot a Evaluation

Miniature version of 1/4 Baby Peridot by Comi Baby Doll.Bjd ToolsLast spring, Co [...]

B-Sort Dolls by Jada Toys

Finally,Bjd Dolls 1/6 after living here for almost a year,Ball Jointed Dolls I v [...]

Sandy Brown Shiva, Soul Kid Boys-bjd dolls

Soul Doll is now offering STypical dimensionshiva in sandy brown skin resin (the [...]

EVA BJD Set of Skirt Wigs Footwear Socks Equipment Full Set for 1/3 BJD Dolls Ball Jointed Dolls 22in – 24in 60cm (Grey and Pink)

EVA BJD Set of Skirt Wigs Shoes Socks AccessorVanessa doll wears her signature p [...]

12” Muscular Physique,Male Versatile Motion Determine Physique Doll for 1:6 Scale Head Sculpt Carved

12 Muscular Body,Male Flexible Action Figure Body Doll for 1:6 Scale Head Sculpt [...]

Spring Occasion for Meyo. Anime Doll

Sugarble doll Meyo is on a quest to find the last of the spring flowers.  [...]

ApriMammothl Customary-sized designFirst ~ No TricksExceptional craftsmanship ~Lifelike OnlyTreatsArtistic expression!

Happy April Fools Day, Internet Land!But tbjd doll meaningoday I havHand-painted [...]