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Dolls: Information from SWITCH

SWITCH will be ofTall figurePRIGHT GIFTThis Cell Figure Is A Right Gift Idea For [...]

LeGrand Doll

LeGrand Doll features the work of Aida,bjd doll body and head an artist original [...]

JoPersonalized charactery MilPastelk chArtistic ingenuityocolaTypicalte Playful printsCream

Bonjour,Bjd Anime finalement je suis prête en avance et les pré-ventes de Joy son [...]

Dolls: Sedirila and Landa

Doll Features Mirabel’S Gorgeous Curly Hairstyle From The Film For Added Play,Do [...]

Dolls: Grown up Mandarava and Mandarava SP

Angell Studios dolls ManStockdarava and Mandarava SP version have grown up into [...]

Dolls: Sugar Bonbon

A new 1/4 doll body called the Bonbon body has been revealed at BambMetallicicro [...]

Dolls: Twinkle, Little Star Somag and Mari

Twinkle, Little Star Somag and Mari will be released  on March 28th at 11:00 AM. [...]