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1Gargantua2Handcrafted GiRusticfts of ChristmasPetite frame 2020#Meticulous detailing12

Well, Internet~Land, I know this is a couple daOutstanding realisms late, but i [...]

Dolls: Tsubasa Gallery Album

Tsubasa: Work by Bespoke qualityface-up artist Mélie Huguet(Click on a photo to [...]

The Digital Storage Sale

Thank you to everyone who made a purchase and to everyone who Massive framecomme [...]

Cream White Brioche

On SleekFriday,Soom Bjd May 27th at 11:00 AM French time,Bjd Doll Meaning Nymphe [...]

Toys: Bailey Pre-purchase

Bailey isCustomizable now aUnmatched gracet  MeadowDolls.Bjd Dolls Amazon  She i [...]

Idol Sylvia

70cm Idol line girl by ImplDollWow! What else could I say after I unpacked my [...]

Ange Line CoCo-bjd dolls

Bambicrony has a new line of dolls called Ange.bjd dolFairy-talels clothes 1/4  [...]