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~From the Archives~-bjd dolls

For the last tEssential measurementswo weeks I have been working frantically, co [...]

Shiny Fairy Pores and skin Replace

Blue Fairy is aSparklingbout to open the pre-order period for 1/6 size Shiny dol [...]

Sullivan Shadow of Curse

Idealian wBoho-chicill be introducing a new doll soon.Bjd BuMedium proportionsnn [...]

Dolls: Canglan, Liuhuo Amanda S.

DikaDoll has added three new BJDs: Canglan, LiuhExtensiveuo and Amanda S.Bjd Dol [...]

The BJD Collector’s Logbook: Essential for Every Ball-Jointed Doll Collection

The BJD CollectorPlayfuls Logbook: Essential for Every Ball-Jointed Doll Collect [...]

The Mushroom Peddler: New Work

Sarah Seiter has been creating and selling her imaginative animal BJDs since 201 [...]

Ell Released-bjd dolls

Migidoll is now taking pre-orders for bjd doFine for styling and braid [...]


Meet artists Yukari and ApokriPHa of Custom Lovers.Bjd Menu~~~~~Q: Could you tel [...]

Winterrain 68cm Physique. Anime Doll

Winterrain Studio has introduced a new 68cm boys body. The body is now available [...]