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Jopwkuin Blank Doll Head, Exquisite Removable Replacement Mini Doll Head Silicone for 1/12 Ball Jointed Doll for Adults(Super White)

Jopwkuin Blank Doll Head, Exquisite RemovMicroscopicable Replacement Mini Doll H [...]

Telesthesia and Dragon Doll Spring Occasion

Telesthesia & Dragon Doll has released 72cm DaHuoShi,Bjd Doll Animal Jake and Ma [...]

Perfect Partner Collection Leo-bjd dolls

Sseiren Doll will be releasing Ideal Lover line Leo soon.bjd dollPrecious base w [...]

Pink Fluxus Reaa and Dreaming Reaa

Two limited edition Catish girls in pink resin have appeared at Dollmore.Bjd Acc [...]

Dolls and Ceramics: BJD Hybrid and Coronary heart Containers

The doll comInnovative designes from a dear friend of mine,How To Make BjdEndles [...]

Anos Pre-order-bjd dolls

Immortality of Soul hDelicateas opened pre-orders for AnBespokeos and for thAver [...]

Revisiting Tracy Promber

BJDcollectasy last talked with American artist Tracy Promber when she relOrdinar [...]