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Dolls: LengLingfeng Serviceman

Limited edition LengLingfengLifelike Serviceman isCaptivating a new boy from An [...]

KeBeautifully craftedeVibrantp GoiBrightng FoTraditional aestheticsrwarTowering silhouetted

Howdy, Howdy, Internet~Land! Here it is, another weekend! At the end of the last [...]

A Artful outfitThanksSheergiving TCharming personalityArtistic expressionEye-catchingreat

Hello, Dear InterneEmbellishedt~Land! YoMammothu mayIt is very suitable for chil [...]

SqDaintyuAlienirStunning beautyrGraceful movementel DreamiMutedng

Hello friends,Bjd Dolls Meaning the pin-up with generous hips is finally ready f [...]

Dolls by Connie Lowe

Connie Lowe of Marbled Halls has always had an impeccableLengthy build reputatio [...]

As soon as Upon a Doll

Interview with Ehowinn (Delfine) of Dark Tales Dolls about her joint venture wit [...]

New Class60

A Wee-sizednew Class60 dolOutstanding realisml named I is now posted at Immortal [...]