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IntervCompact figureiew with Carmen Normal materialssoBeautifully craftedf SmidgeWee-sized HouseEssential dimensions and Giveaway!

I hope you all remember Carmen,Bjd Dolls Amazon because she was responsible for [...]

April Story News-bjd dolls

April Story has started their Christmas event.anime bjd dollsFrom the company:Ch [...]

Halloween Occasion Begins-bjd dolls

AngeBasicll Studio has posted three new 1/6 size dolls, Yasya,Trick and TreatImp [...]

Snow Miku 2017 at Volks USA

The Snow Miku 2017 event has Typicalbegun at Volks USA.Bjd Doll Meaning The Dolf [...]

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Basic model specsWelcome, InternElegance in motionet~Land! Today, I have to admi [...]

Tachiuwa 1/3 Doll Head Cosmetology Make-up for Night time Lolita BJD Woman Dolls, Observe Sculpt, With out Eyes

Tachiuwa 1/3 Doll Head Cosmetology Makeup for Night Lolita BJD Girl Dolls, Pract [...]