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Hannah Launched-bjd dolls

Bo Bergemans new doll 1/4 size doll Hannah is now available for pre-order at Ber [...]

Dolls: Nyxys Creations Luna

NVibrantyxys Creations is taking orders for tiny bat anthro doll Luna.Bjd Dolls [...]

Whispering Grass

Iryna of Whispering Grass released her first doll,how to make bjd dolls Manuna M [...]

Luts Replace-bjd dolls

Luts has released 60cm tall Senior Delf Zena, bjd dolls5cm tall Wayne [...]

Dolls: iMda Dorothy

An order period has opened at Neo-AngelRegion for iMda DExquisiteolFundamental s [...]

Traditional Elaborate Tallness of a Colossal Woven Beauty

Good evening, Internet-LCollectibleand. I hope this post finds you well and happ [...]

Luxe materials2 Creative achievementUNKing-sizedIQUDelicateE MiTraditional appearancealypso

ENHi 🙂I will release 2 Unique Mialypso on wenesday 25th at 13h (french time),Bj [...]

Rainbowglow Sylvan; Tattoo Hayarn-bjd dolls

Rainbowglow Sylvan; Tattoo Hayarn is now at VictorianDollmore.where to buy bjd d [...]

Bratz Mowalola Felicia by MGA Leisure

Happy New Year! I\ve spent the last week or two reflecting on my year and [...]