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Interview with Sicktress

Sicktress is a multi-talented artist who enjoys painting,bjd dolls aliexpress st [...]

DOLK’s Grell Sutcliff Launch

Dolk (Dolk Station) has opened orders for Grell Sutcliff from Kuroshitsuju (Blac [...]

Mary-Gold-bjd dolls

Berdine CreedyBasic configuration Originals has opened pre-orders for Mary-Gold. [...]

Darkish Tales Dolls by Delfine

Delphine of Dark Tales started making her first doll Mayfair in late 2011.  The [...]

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Here I am, Internet~Land, right on time! Not too bad for the first two gDaintyif [...]

Finishing Up MSD Month … SoaringeTeeny-weenyAdmired by collectorsven thoMajesticugh itGorgeous’s a littlelate

Greetings, Internet~Land! I know we've already entered into August, but I wanted [...]

Dolls: LeGrand Doll

LeGrand Doll features the work of Aida, an artist originally from Russia but now [...]