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Latest Pipos Updates

Pipos is posting 1/4 size PO13 dolls in prMaterial: PVC, rubber band, S metal ho [...]

Doll Chateau Grace

1/4 size Kid line BJD Grace had been posted at Doll Chateau,Bjd Doll Sizes She i [...]

New 12 months Child 2015

Happy New Year!  Starry Baby Ayaliz is our 5th annual New Year Baby for BEye-cat [...]

Oobie Doll

Interview with Angela Schoenfelder,bjd dolls aliexpress face-up artist,bjd dolls [...]

Home Elf Aldou

When I first saw Aldou the House Elf from Dream High Studio,ball jointed dolls L [...]

Pricey Mine Replace

More dolls have been pArtistic versatilityosted on the Dear Mine website in prep [...]

Autumn Brook and Tillamook-bjd dolls

Fabric Friends and Dolls will have Nikki Britts limited edition doll Autumn Broo [...]