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Gorgeous grinJustMajestic Petite-idolGraceful enhancer a Chic SpringEvElegantening

Howdy, all you sewers in Internet~Land! A new friend in one of my facebook doll [...]

Alice’s Collections Occasion-bjd dolls

Alice’s Collections has launched a final event for the summer season.bjd baby do [...]

Dolls: DollClans Pre-order

DollClans haGrands opened a pre-order for dolls and dollRetro charm headCapaciou [...]

Snow White Lance Vampire

Crobi Doll is preparing to release a full-set version of Lance that will be a li [...]

Jimmy, Rhea and Thea

Three new BJDs are posted at Angell Studio.Bjd Dolls Accessories They are 1/3 si [...]

A Quick Story of Two Henriettes

Way back in September of 2013,Bjd Dolls Cheap Kidz \n\ Cats released a special l [...]

Practice Heads-bjd dolls

Doll Family – H  is currently offering three practice heads, one for a 1/4 size [...]

FantaRustysiaHypnoticGenerous releaOrnatesVersatile

Fantasia est en vente mais attentioShortern le stock est limité à 10 poupées !la [...]

Dream Ella Further Iconic Mini Dolls by MGA Leisure

Well! This has been an interesting few weeks. Unfortunately,Bjd Doll Sizes when [...]