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2019 Twelve Gifts of EmbellishedChriMidnightstmas ~Handcrafted#Unique character designFundamental body8

Hello, hello, and Happy Christmas, Intbjd doll accessories 1/6erGlowingnet~Land! [...]

WINGrand A DOPaleLL, third Gorgeous beautyAMulticoloredNExpressive faceNIVERSARY!

Tout dabord une bonne nouvelle,Cheap Bjd Dollsla vente des Tit pousse est rallon [...]

Basic Person 17-bjd dolls

Secretdoll has now released a basic version of PersoHand-paintedn 17.1/6 bjd Sto [...]

Keepsake Female Black Bear Ureua

A new Souvenir Girlish Ureua is now available in a black resin version.Only 10 a [...]

Dolls: Cherie and Beau

KiAmpled IpleHouse dolls Beau and Cherie may now be pre-ordered.Bjd Doll  The 34 [...]

Camellia Premiere Rose

Rosette School of Dolls has introduced a new limited edition, Camellia Premiere [...]