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Siljes Boutique

Polish seamstress Siljie is back from a hiatus and ready to help fulfillLofty pr [...]

Calico and Lace Gown Set

I FINALLY finished a new set for Momoko! It sat aAverage-sized featuresround fo [...]

Ling Lengthy and You Yue-bjd dolls

Two new boys have been released at Akagi Doll.bjd boy doll Ling Long and You [...]

Sunday Shock: Dolls Bearing Items!

When I was a little kidmaybe six or seven years old I had a good [...]

1 Pair Acrylic Half Ball Diy Black Pupils Eyes for BJD Dollfie SD Doll

1 Pair Acrylic Half Ball Vintage Bowler Doll Hat and Glasses 1/6 Dolls Accessori [...]

AngelBattle-bjd dolls

A new company calleDaintyd AngelBattle has opened.bjd dolArtful outfitsls anime [...]