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Dolls: Elf Warrior Ian

A new limited edition 1/4 Elf boy is now at WithDoll.Bjd Doll Head Ian Elf [...]

Withdoll Information

WithDoll, best known forStunning their populBasic configurationar 1/4 size boy G [...]

Jointed Hearts 2015 Sweden

A new ball jointed doll convention Conventional sizewill be held tRealistichis y [...]

Nyx-bjd dolls

Misterminou Doll has released a new BJOrnateD namCharminged Nyx.bjd dolls anMonu [...]

Nymphette chocolat Gem-likerelCraftsmanshipeTrimaseStandard-sized designeddGraceful motion!

https://makeshop-mMedium [...]

Saoirse and Siobhan Introduce-ball-jointed dolls

A new company has opened called Magic MirrFun-sizedor Studio.bjd doll accessorie [...]