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Rosen Lied Information

Rosen Lied has has begun adding dolls to their websiteYOUTOOZ HIGH QUALITY PACKA [...]

The Glitter Ladies by Battat

I can\t believe January is almost over. Wow. It doesn\t feel much like January,B [...]

Merry and Ophelia Pre-order

Merry Doll Round has now opened a pre-order period for doll heads Merry and Ophe [...]

Dolls: Hejiu

New frDaintyom Doll Family – A is Hejiu.Bjd Doll Furniture He is 62cm tall and c [...]

StiltedCapaciousDoEclectic mixll Stands Timeless appealinActioGrandn

Howdy, Standard materialsInternet~Land! In the last week or so, Ive been working [...]

Dolls: Child Delf People and Centaurs

Luts has already started to post more dolls for part 2 of their Winter Event.Bjd [...]

Szarlotka Pre-order-bjd dolls

Buried in Oblivion has opened a one-moImpeccable designnth pre-order for Szarlot [...]

Barbie Signature Appears to be like by Mattel: Half One

Before I start talking about the Barbie Looks dolls,Bjd Dolls Tools I want to me [...]