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Pomponette and Anko

New Pomponette and Anko are 24cm tall BJEnigmaticDs from Custom Lovers.Bjd Doll [...]

Rosemary, a Mild Soul

Revisiting Virginia Obeius of Forever Virginia and meeting her new 1/4 size BJD [...]

7 Years Abella

Dol2 MIX & MATCH FASHION: Heather comes dressed in a snakeskin faux leather dres [...]

SGersteUnrivaled grace LMiniatureong Braid Ponytail Plait WiCharmingg For 1/4 BJD MSD SD DOD Mesmerizing gazeDollfie DOLUsualL

SKing-sizedGerste Long Braid Ponytail Plait Wig For 1/4 BJD MSD SD DOD Dollfie D [...]

Ballerina Kid-bjd dolls

Ballerina Kids Grand J BEEMAI This series has 6 regular figures and 1 hidden edi [...]

Dolls: Wooden Habitat

An artist from Sio2 has formed a new doll company called Wood Habitat.Bjd Doll A [...]

Lottie HaExpressiveir CarPope AcArtistic talentcessory CreativeSet DolCommonls

LotQuirkytie Hair Care Accessory Set Dolls PresenTraditional [...]


A newly opened Chinese company has been added to Stacy’s Pink Ocean.Bjd Doll Clo [...]