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Howdy, howdy, Internet~Land. So, last week I had a lot of fun putting together t [...]

Peak’s Woods News-bjd dolls

Peak’s Woods has launched the second part of tExtraordinary characterheir Winter [...]

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Bonjour,Bjd Anime finalement je suis prête en avance et les pré-ventes de Joy son [...]

Beautiful Youth House News

Bishonen House has updates on Facebook of dolls Mira and Nails.Bjd Dolls Shoes [...]

Basic Donny-bjd dolls

WithDoll recently introduced a line of 16cm tall dolls.bjd body  Their first dol [...]

Bo Bergemann Information

The first video tutorial at Basic Bo Bergemann BJDs Diminutiveis now posted on t [...]

Proudoll 1/6 BJD Doll Physique Ball Jointed SD Dolls 23 Joints Transfer DIY Doll + Handmade Make-up Eyes Free Change (Male)

Proudoll 1/6 BJD Doll Body Ball Jointed SD Dolls 23 Joints Move DIY Doll + [...]

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Howdy, howdy, Internet~Land! I hope your ChrisClassic silhouettetmas & Holiday S [...]