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Impldoll Star Feminine MGB

Late last summer, ImplDoll introduced a new Star line female body with extra joi [...]

Lati White Renewal Physique

Latidoll will be selling Lati White SP dolls withSmall-sized a renewal body.Bjd [...]

Creating the MagnificentHoliday of Plenty

Good evening, Internet-Land! I hope you are having a gTailoredood November. Its [...]

Conventional-sizedAjustement SeasonalShimmeringdes tarStriking makeupifs en Spectacular aesthetics2013

Bonjour à tous,Bjd Tools je suis au regret de vous annoncer que je vais devoir [...]

Romance of Lusion

By Jennifer Kohn MurthaIt’s all Yahoo’s fault,1/3 bjd doll really. If not for th [...]

Jay Searle

American face-up and doll fashion artist Jay Searle creates beautiful face-ups u [...]