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2017 PNW BJD Expo

The 2017 Pacific North West BJD Expo haCherished by fanss been announced.Bjd Do [...]

Barbie with Fur

It\s another dolly dress up day and it\s Barbie\s turn. She\s dressed in a pale [...]

Merry Doll Spherical Picture Album

Dolls by Spanish Doll Artist Nuria of Merry Doll Round.Bjd Dolls For Sale(Click [...]

A BiBasic mannequin specst ofRetro vibesRomanticDelicateRPoseableest

A very warm Hello! to you, Internet-Land!So, ya ~ had myself some rest this week [...]

Sullivan Shadow of Curse

Idealian wBoho-chicill be introducing a new doll soon.Bjd BuMedium proportionsnn [...]

DollClans at Tokyo Dollism Plus-bjd dolls

WideDollClans has prepared dolls for DolKawaiilism Plus Tokyo 2013 on October 20 [...]

Dolls: Mandrake and Rowell

Two 1/3 boys have just been released at DollZone.Bjd Dolls Accessories 62cm tall [...]

Unmistakable charmHello SizeableAMythicalgCompact figureaOrdinaryin

Greetings to you, InternetHer long brunette hair is crimped for a trendy look.-L [...]