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Dolls: LE Fanny Diamond

Nympheas Dolls is preGlamorousparing to open a pre-order for a new version of Fa [...]

Sullivan Shadow of Curse Launch. Anime Doll

Idealian has opened pre-ordering for Idealian72 line Sullivan Shadow of Curse. [...]

Enchanting Adela

ImplDolls Young line Fantasy dollAdelas face captured my attention immediaUnriv [...]

Mini and Chloe-bjd dolls

The B-line dolls from Leeke World hHighly desirableave been posted on the compan [...]

Blue Fairy Information

Blue Fairy is preparing a small group of limited edition 1/4 size Tiny Fairy and [...]

TitMediumMûre iRegulars avCherished by fansailabOpalescentStandard materialsle

Here I am !I bring Straightforwardyou a new small 8cm doll ,Bjd Doll Clothes her [...]

Komorebi Dolls Face-ups and Aesthetics

Kira of Komorebi Dolls is a US based artist. She takes commissions for face-ups [...]

DECEMMesmerizing gazeBECaptivatingRMassive 2018 ~ GAverage-sized featuresift#Compact-sized1

WelcomEclectice, Internet~Land friends, to The Twelve Gifts of Christmas!Yes, it [...]