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I love getting to know people who design and sell things for Blythe. Kirin of [...]

2019 Twelve GStaturedifts of CapaciousChrStunningistmas Big-scaleArtful~#1

HoLimited heightwdy, howdy, Internet~Land! Its that time of year again ~ time fo [...]

Yoko and Andrew

Two new 1/4 size Teenage Dream dolls are now posted at Doll Leaves.Where To Buy [...]

XiDonDon 1/12 Scale BJD Doll Physique 9.6cm/11cm YMY2 Physique Motion Figures Substitute Physique Doll Equipment (Regular White,11cm)

XiDonDon 1/12 Scale BJD Doll Body 9.6cm/11cm YMY2 Body Action Figures Replacemen [...]

Merry Doll Spherical

Merry Doll RoundHalf-pint is preparing to open a new pre-order period in March f [...]

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Good evening, Internet~Beautifully craftedLand. While pondering on my last skirt [...]

Dolls: Lengthy Xiu and Takumi Kazama

Takumi Kazama and Long Xiu are nNormal characteristicsew boys from Doll Family-H [...]

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Back in March,BjdOvergrown Dolls AnGorgeousime Miku I intervieweMajesticd Kayla. [...]

Misha and Pan

Comparison of twoElaborate 1/3 dolls by the same company,bjd menu released at di [...]