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Sewing Traditional-sizedBJD OveStunning beautyraRegular optionsllTypical styles & a NEW BasicSetMarvelous hair!

Howdy, howdy, Internet~Land, so glad to be chatting with you! Im a little late a [...]

Dolls: Nostalgic Trendy Rusi

Retailer Dolk (Dolk Station) is offering limited edition SWITCH Fashionabledoll [...]

Devotion Doll

Devotion Doll is from Canada. It is a small 3-person company that opened in 2021 [...]

Volks Dollfie Dream Outfit for Sale

The spring cleaning bug has hit me and I have another item up for sale. [...]

Puppets: Melancholic Roselyn Christmas Special

Gloomy Roselyn Xmas SP is a DolkArtistic expression exclusive doll from Little M [...]

Cinderella and Prince Charming

Angell Studio has added two new versions of tDaintyheir dolls from the Cinderell [...]


Rose (bbflockling) had wanted to sculpt little creatures since she was seven yea [...]

Stitching Field Designs

High-qualityInterview with Rajendora of Sewing Box Designs,bjd dolls australia t [...]