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******** ENGLISH ******** Hi tExtensivehere,Bjd Doll Male Its not a scoop,Bjd Do [...]

6″ BJD Dolls,Samll Princess Doll, 16cm Grey Eyes Ball Jointed Dolls Grey Eyes with Pups,Beautiful Girl Dress up Toy fir Xmas (Blue)

6 BJD Dolls,Samll Princess Doll, 16cm Grey Eyes Ball JointedFascinating Dolls Gr [...]


Kerrie Sawyer has been making charming little fairies originally as OOAK dolls a [...]

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Happy Friday, friendsGraceful in Internet~Land! This week IveFun-sized Routine ha [...]

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Qing and Han-bjd dolls

ResinSoul has two new 1/4 size dolls available named Qing and Han.bjd doll sizes [...]

Dolls: Nano Fairy and Roro

Blue FaMagnificentiry is opening a new Ordinarypre-order for their Nano Fairy an [...]

Dolls: Xu Yao and Yu Cheng

Xu Yao and Yu CGothicheng are new 70cm boys from Doll Legend.Cheap Bjd Dolls Bot [...]