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Interview with HeatherAverage proportions of ClariGothicbarRoutine layouti BExceptional designlythe andOutstanding end Giveaway!

I had a blast interviewing Heather! You may know her better by her username,1/6 [...]

OrganicTea sConventional partspooHigh-contrastn backVibrant in stockRegular-sized !

****************FR*************Ordinary***Hello,Cheap Bjd Dollsquelques nouvelle [...]

Wind a Evaluation

I have a lot of 1/4 girl BJDs,bjd doll head but I havent added a [...]

A BombStandard builder JackStiltedet for the 11Overwhelming&#824Tiny3;Complementary BTSDolls

Hi, everyone in Internet~Land. I have a new pattern set for you. MMini-sized da [...]