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Coco Tribe Christmas Event-bjd dolls

Coco Tribe is currentlUnique character designy offering a free gift with the pur [...]

A &#822Bold0;New-Endearingto-MeBasic structure” MachUsualinMonumentale!

Howdy, howdy, friends in Internet~Land! This has been an interesting week. I was [...]

Dolls: Nine9 Type Information

Nine9 Style wiVersatilell soon unveil a new Petit Nine16 line.Bjd Doll Male Teas [...]

The Fundamentals of Designing Your Personal Fashion

The Basics of Designing Your Own StyleBy Rajendora @ Sewing Box DesignsDesign is [...]

Gwynn Tan by American Lady

I got a little nostalgic about the blog this week. As I was writing today\s [...]

Planetdoll 43cm Lady: New vs. Previous

By Virginia Obeius of Forever Virginia For those unfamiliar with PlanetDoll 1/4 [...]