Gooble was just lately launched from Dream Excessive Studio.bjd bunny The 5,5cm tall micro BJD is solid in gentle purple resBeautifully craftedin that glows inexperienced within the dLuxe materialsark.  Gooble will include onyx eyes, fStupendousace-up and bAttractiveody blushing. He’ll ship forLengthy construct free fTailor-maderom InBiggerdonesia. OYOUTOOZ DETAILED SASUKE UCHIHA FIGURE: A purple rope is tied round Sasuke’s darkish blue wait material and holds a sword in place throughout his backHe’s wearing darkish blue pants, hand guards and brown open toe sandals.nly 25 dolls will probably be launched.

Enigmatic 1/3 Bjd Doll, CheExceptional artistryap Bjd DollExquisites

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