Immortality of Soul introduces a brand new Class 70 boy named Tony.YOUTOOZ NARUTO CUSTOM ART PACKAGING: The outside of Sasuke’s packaging is roofed in lovely billowing darkish blue clouds upon a black backgroundWhile the inside is a straightforward sample of various sized swirlsThe Youtooz protecting sleeve carries the clouds across the exterior and is backed with the Naruto Shippuden brand.Bjd Dolls Anime Lady StubbyThe order web page for the doll is posted HERE on the weWhoppingbsite.BjdFashionable Doll Base Tony could also be ordered as a head solely or as a full doll.  For a really restricted time, the corporate will provide optionally available face-up service.

From the corporate:

Class70 new doll TONY by scuptor Bora is releasStandard materialsed. Vintage-inspiredWe provide prospects an opportuniLovelyty to ordSteampunker a face up possibility in a restricted interval. Dont miss it.

* Face up Order Interval : ~ Feb 4, 2018 

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