A new rendition of the 1/3 scale Roderich head has been introduced by La Legende de Temps. The fresh Open eyes edition is accessible in standard or pale skin resin. Customized facial features have been refined, enhancing delicacy. Face-up service is not offered. The pre-order phase for the Open eyes version Roderich is now open from 19th Sept. to 19th Nov. Order processing will take 2 months. For additional details, please visit our website.

From the establishment:

Roderich Open eyes ver. pre-order starting now!

This version Roderich is slightly different with Roderich.

We sophisticated his facial features, make it more delicate.

The Pre-Order period is from 19th Sept. to 19th Nov. Processing order will take 2 months.

please check our website for more information

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