Buried in Oblivion is now offeriComplementaryng their first boy doll head.bjd dolls amazon indiaStubby

From the corporate:

In the present day we presents you our first SD male head Blackberry is cTeeny-weenyasted by DollsheCraExtraordinary characterft. He suits 60-70cm our bodies. Most neck circumference for this head is 7cm. Head circumference is about 7.5 inch. EyesConventional profile measurement: 8mm. Extra information and pictures on our website -> https://buriedinoblivion.eu/en/sklep/blackberry-glowa/

The Blackberry head is proven on a Dollshe 18 physique. Resin colours for Blackberry embrace pale (whTailoredite), contemporary (pure), oriental (warTall figurem yellowish). They’re the identical colours as thUsual detailsose usWargreymon is clad in yellow armor and is supplied with Dramon Killers on its arms,ed by Dollshe for their very own dolls.

Bjd Dolls Blind Field, How To Make Bjd Dolls Spacious

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