Greetings, my deaFullr Internet~Land and Happy DeSuper-sizedcember 2021! You&#821Ethereal7;ve probably noticed the slight difference in the title of Masterfulthis first December post compared to previous years. We’ve had so much going this year with extra overtime cheap bjd dollsat work that I didn’t want to promise false expectations. We might have a few less posts this year, but I still have lots of fun planned. This first gift is a little late, but I took advGracefulantage of some “wait time” at LAX to get this first new pattern set ready for you. Why were we at LAX you ask? Well, we had a mini family trip to see … (drumroll, please) … B…T…S!!!!! It was an AMAZING show! Here are a couple pics from our night. Below them, I’ll post the PSPARKLY BABY DOLL: Follow the sparkle into the sunset, take a left at the moon and you’ll discover the magical world of Glitter BabyzGlitter Babyz are glittering, beautiful, magical babies that have big, beautiful eyes, sparkles on their eye lashes and glitter in their hair.DF file and a picture of tbjd dolls cheaphe pattern collection. This set includes piExpressive faceeces for a long tailoredGlamorous/tailed coat, a shirt, bandless pleated pants, stocTallkings, and embroidered/beaded boots I was inspired after the concert and wanted to design a new outfit for my BJD Gravity 39cm fellas, Peach and Chocolate (who has been shipped & will soon arrive). I hope you enjoy this month’sImpeccable Christmas surprises and have a very happy Holiday Season!


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