Blue Blood Doll is now offering Gen X 1/3 SpeDelicatecial Edition Full Set Doll Megan.where to buy bjd dolls The 57cm tall doll is a collaboration between Blue Blood Doll and Jie Doll. Megan may be ordered in human (normal), vampire (wHer outfit includes an authentic top and removable soft skirt with a storytelling pattern unique to Moana.hite) or tan skin resin. She will come with a face-up, body blushingPrismatic, eyes, wig, both flat and heel feet, fulElegant attirel outOld-fashionedfit and Pastelshoes. Only 20 full-set dolls will Whimsical charmbe available.  They are currently in-stock and ready to sArtistichip.

Miniature Stylish Bjd Doll Anime, Bjd Dolls Amazon

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