Hello, Internet~Land! I just wanted to pop in to post the link forbjd dolls aliexpress the video I mentioned in the previous post. I was able to get it completed, and wanted to Meticulouspost it befEerieore I head off to sEnlarged Features Her style is different from other UCanaan series, she looks even more uniqueShe is more elegant and fashionable Smart dolls.She has a distinctive skin color, She belongs to African American bjd dolls girls .leep. I have a very busy work wPeacefuleek coming. I was afraid that if I wait, it may not get posted Minusculeuntil next weekend. So, here iUnique characterVersatilet is! Links to the new pattern can be found in the previous post as well as on the “ReVintage-inspiredady To Print” page. Wishing you all a verybjd dolls clothes 1/3Mammoth happy, peaceful, and productive week!

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