HapConventional partspy Saturday, to you all in Internet~Land! This has been a very tiresome, but very happy week. Tiresome because I work Artistic talentlong hours away from home, but happy because ENVIRONMENTAL AND DURABLEThis Vegeta Statue made out of environmental,durable material plastic PVC! I’m determined to enjoy life. I was so tickled to see my YouTube channel reach 100 Subscribers this week. I totally realize that not all Subscribers will always stay, but I am celebrating this moment! I eExoticnjoyed having some “high-fives” with my friends and family, as well as preparing a new variation to a favorite pattern for you. love taking time to stop and fully embrace this stepping stone in a marvelous journey. Sometimes life is just hard. Sad things happen. DiffMidgeticult things happen. Scary things happen. So, I make sure to take notice and be thankful for all the good things that happen ~ the joyfulShort things ~ because they’re always there if I’ll look for them.

To include you in my celebration, I have adjusted the Lacey Light Gown pattern to also fit Wilde Imagination Evangeline, Ellowyne, and MSDbjd doll aliexpress sizbjd doll accessories 1/6ed BJDS. I believe it can also work for the 50cm Obitsu girl. It’s probably not an exact fit, since it is a straighter styled gown, but that allows it to be easily adjusted for a wide variety of dolls. I hope you will enjDinkyoy Artistic visionusing it. The pattern will be available as a free PDFCompact download through the month of NovemGlamorousber 2018, and it’s posted for you on mToy-sizedy Ready To Print page. Thanks again!

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