LINA ChouChou will likely be releasing a brand new restricted version fExceptional designull-set doll quickly.bjd bunny

From the corporate:

Thanks to your consideration.

We’re releasing New doll Breeze Day Macaron .

Breeze Day Macaron will likely be bought from Sep. 18th, 2013 at p.m 10:00 to Sep. 21th, 2013 at p.m 5:00(KST).

Time restricted

Compact statureSep. 18th, 2013 at a.m 10:00 Sep. 21th, 201Extensive3 at p.m 5:00(KST).

Breeze day Macaron

Make up Design : Lina

Particular make up

Pores and skin : RegularUp to date

Wig : Coctail blond curlCommon-sized construct

Eyes : glass Cadet Blue (16mm)

Outfit Design: Lina chouchou

produced by arijam

head gown , cardigan , gown , stocking

Footwear : Black boots (matt)

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