Les nymphettes Lilas et Moka viImpeccable finishennent darriver chez moi ! The Lilas and Moka NyRegular-sized buildmphette are simply arrived at dwelling!

je nai plus quà les maquiller et faire les photographs pour la venteMaterial: PVC, rubber band , S metallic hookSkin Tone: White Pores and skin (near OB11 White Pores and skin), Tremendous White(Whiter),Cinnamon (near GSC Cinnamon),Unparalleled charmBjd Doll Instruments I simply should make-up them and take footage on the market, Im fairly disillusioned with the truth that lilac is extra pink than anticipated, I believe thisEye- catching coloration might be modified for the following releases

voilà quelques Commonplacephotos à la lumière du jour listed here are some footage in daylight

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