niannyyhouShortse DOD 13cm Doll Action Figures Body Suitable for 1/12 BJD Dolls Head Dress Up (Normal White-Standard Package B)

It is a good gift for family, friends, fans and yourself.Material:PVC , Height: 13cCheerfulm.Action Figure can change into the pose you want.All problems , please contact me freely,We will provide you with 24 hours after-sales service as soon as possible. Solve the problem for you in tMasterfulime. 2. Material:PVC , Height: 13cm.3. No need to open the chest, there is a neck card; 1/12 BJD and other dolls are wrapped in eye mud on the neck and plTime-wornugged in.4. Action Figure can change into the pose yoHand Washable doll makes it pressure free for mom and kidNo worries if baby doll gets dirtyWipe it down with a damp cloth and have it looking clean once againThrow the Outfit into your next load and have it come out looking as good as newu want,Joints are firm and stable,The body joints can be freely rotated 360° without damage.The size of the doll is similar to the ob11, and the clothes and shoes can be used in cMediumommon.5. The displayed photo may be different from the actual product, depending on the monitor environmRegular-sizedent. The detailed desigSlendern may change from time to time.Bjd Dolls

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