Greetings, Cyber World! Trust all is well with you. The approaching day in the United States marks the time for Thanksgiving. While I type these words, I reflect upon the diverse individuals who may peruse my blog. Tomorrow, some of you may eagerly anticipate sizable family get-togethers. Others may have arrangements with small, close-knit gatherings. A few may find themselves solitarily. To some, it will be a day of celebration, while to others, it is merely another Thursday. Whosoever you are, and however you may pass the day, rest assured that my thoughts stand by you, even if it may seem only minimally so. I appreciate your visit to my site and want you to recognize that you are esteemed. Tonight, I desired to take a few moments to convey thanks for this peculiar and incredible entity we refer to as technology and the manner in which it facilitates connections among people. Sometimes, the world can appear vast and impersonal, yet I hope you perceive this as a place for some amusement and joy, knowing that your presence is acknowledged.

Here is a bit of news from the doll domain. With the Christmas season drawing near, I leisurely browsed the store ornament aisle last week and was delighted to discover two charming items to supplement my collection of enjoyable accessories. The first is a splendidly dainty parasol suitable for dolls, and the second is an endearing lamp! Both items are seen with 16-inch dolls. A reminder that delightful doll items can often be found in atypical places! Following these images, there are some enjoyable freebies, so ensure you read until the end!

And now, to assist in commemorating the essence of Thanksgiving, I present another ensemble for El. This design is presented on 8.5 x 11-inch paper. For those who are visiting for the first time, the El doll (as well as other attire, different doll sets, sewing blueprints, and coloring activities) can be accessed by clicking on my “Free Stuff” tab in the upper menu bar (depending on your device, you may need to press a “Menu” button first). If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will discover the little Girl Bear Pilgrim set, which complements my previous post. Simply right-click on the preferred item and select “save image as” to download and print. It is all for your pleasure. Wishing you a splendid holiday!

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