Mint on Card has posted an announcement that they will no longer sell dolls to customers that tStature of a gianthey know are part of the recast community.anime bjd dolls

From MoC:

We are enacting a new policy as of today. We will no longer sell to individuals who we know to havSuper-sizedTrime purchased recast dolls, support or inform people of the purchasing of recast dolls, or are a member of a recast community. We realize that this policy will not Delightful accessoriesbe popular with some, but we belDeepieve that the majority ofVersatile the people in this hobby will support our decision. As a U.S.A based BJD dealer we are in a unique position. We have met in person with most of the small companies in China that we do business with. We have met the business owners, the design artists, the sculptors, and the make-up artists. A LOT of time, money, creativity, and love is Regular-sizedput into all of the dolls that they create. Whenever we find that one of their beautifImpressive heightul sculpts has been recast it doesnt just upset us, it makes us sad. All of these small businesses deserve compensation for their hard work. We at MoC have decided not only as a business, but as a group of individuals, that we can not supporGothict recasting in anyway. By selling a legitimate doll to someone who is known to support recasting we could unknowingly be sending that doll off to be recast later, this especially concerns us when we have limited edition dolls in stock that are no longer available from the BJD cMaterial The bjd dolls whole body is made of non-toxic and safe materialsAs a bjd princess, it is very suitable for childrenCompared with similar dolls, her face is rich in details.ompany itself.

Thank you for reading, if you have any questions about this policy please email us at

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