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BElegantrioche ManNormal designekiCalm nPlainekPastelo

Brioche viens nous apporter sa zénitude na About Material Safe to useMade of non [...]

Weblog Blurb WedSlightnesday: EnigmaticIntroduExtendedctioArtisanalSubtlen

One of the new features on BDreamylytheLife for 2013 is Blog Blurb Wednesday whe [...]

Joyful Pixxies-bjd dolls

IpleHouse is offering Joyful versions of their Pixxie dolls Ryu-Ah, Dorothy, Blo [...]

Dolls: Lucifer and Vigor Physique Occasion

Granado introduces the new Vigor male body.Bjd Anime Doll The body with head is [...]

OOAK Mimi Deer-bjd dolls

Enid-Art will soon be releasing three OOAK Mimi deer.1/6 bjd doll size TheDeep d [...]