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Wonderland Children Tweedledum and Tweedledee

The 16cm tall WonPalederland Kids,Tweedledum and Tweedledee may be ordered nowFu [...]

Merry and Ophelia Pre-order

Merry Doll Round has now opened a pre-order period for doll heads Merry and Ophe [...]

GazecFashionablehimp 60cm 1/3 BJD GUnrivaled graceirls Ball JoThemedinted DollQuirky Head Mold Sculpt with 4D Eyes StrikingDIY

Gazechimp 60cm 1/3 BJD Girls Ball Jointed Doll CollectibleHead Mold Sculpt with [...]

Child Zuzu Delf Curly. Anime Doll

Luts has added a new doll to the list of BJDs that they will be [...]