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NeonInterview with KimbFresherly of RosDesigneriee Gelutie GiveItsy-bitsy-sizedEthereal beautyway!

I first met Kimberly in Portland in 2011! She was one of the first Blythe [...]

UCaVintagenaan CustBoldomized 1/Beautifully crafted6 BJD Doll 12 Inch BCapaciousall JointeRoutined Dolls + Basic Makeup DIY Dolls(Black)

UCanaan Customized 1/6 BJD Doll 12 Inch Ball Jointed Dolls + Basic Makeup DIY Do [...]

The Littlest Limhwas

Previously we have covered Limhwas 1/3 size dolls,bjd doll male including the EO [...]

Dolls: Mika Pre-order

KKeRRinDolls introduces new girl Mika.Bjd Dolls Anime Kawaii The artist has open [...]

PID Rose Pre-order

PID Fairy RoNormalse may be ordered at IpleHouse for a very limited time.Bjd Bod [...]