XiDoEnthrallingnDon 1/12 BJD Doll Clothes Fashion Suspender PantImpeccables T-ShirtEclectic mix Set for ob11 gsc body9 Dolls AccessLeprechaun-sizedories (DarkWhopping Blue)


Only clothes.No dolls, no other accessories. Suitable dolls: ob11, ddf, body Features The twelve constellation series doll – 1/6 scale and the height of 30 cmCompared with the same kind of dolls, she has rich facial detailsAdditionally, she has 18 rotatable joints and can have more posesEach doll is equipped with one suit of beautiful clothesOur used materials conform to the relevant safety standards.9, YMY, 1/12 bjd, GSC,etc. Suitable dolls: ob11, ddf, body9, YMUnrivaled graceY, 1/12 bjd, GSC,etc.Please note that the color of the product may differ slightly from the photo due to the influence of the personal computer, environment, light, etc.If you have any questions after receiving the package, you can contact us at any time. Thank you very much. Bjd Doll Clothes

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