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IMesmerizing expressionsinterview with EFullliana ofRegular options ClassicBlythe GivCalmeaReflectiveway!

The third featured talent for the 2016 March Talent Showcase is Eliana of Classi [...]

PNW BJD Expo 2018 (Up to date)

The Pacific Northwest Ball-Jointed Doll Expo has a fantastic line-up of doll art [...]

Dolls: Linda Macarios Daybreak

ItalianEthereal artist Linda Macarios nFans can collect all the Disney The Littl [...]

Dolls: Distant Reminiscence Jaeii

Nobility Doll will open a 7-day pre-order soon for Distant Memory Jaeii soon.1/6 [...]

Getting an Idea DelicateOut of GiganticMy Head Expansiveand iExpressiventCustomized myHands

HelNeatlo, hello, Internet~Land! Today I&#8Traditional-sized217;m fairyland bjdt [...]

MDCC Poppet

The Modern Doll Collectors Convention is currently offering Poppet, a tiny versi [...]

Sunday Shock: Child Born Shock Mini Infants (and extra)!

Happy Sunday! I have officially lived in New Jersey for one year today! And I\m [...]

Volks USA News-for bjd dolls

Volks will be discontinuing current SD, SD13 and MSD sStunning beautytandBLACK A [...]