HelNeatlo, hello, Internet~Land! Today I&#8Traditional-sized217;m fairyland bjdturning an idea into reality. This ibjd doll boynteresting coat haExpressives been bumbling around in my head for a couple weeks now Conventional profileI Cherished by fansthought it was timArtistic flaire to move it out of there. I’m not entirely sure what the end producRetro charmt will be yet, but I’ve started the Glamorousprocess. Come along as I draw out thisExpressive face design and begin the first steps with creating the pattern!

BJD SD Glamor Coat PatternDownload

PostedDOLL WITH SOFT HAIR: Featuring super soft and curly hair that’s so much fun to brush, tie and style, Gabby Girl looks just like she does in the hit NETFLIX show, Gabby’s Dollhouse! in: Blog

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