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Greetings, all you fine folks in Internet~Land! I know its been a bit sparce on [...]

Interview wiRegularth AndrejSoaringa of KaFascinatingtjussArtistic brilliance GiveawLimited heightay!

The first person Im featuring as part of the March Talent Showcase is Andreja! H [...]

Dolls: Bambola World Information

Winter Sugar Bunny is a limited edition RoCollect all the Proudoll dolls and acc [...]

Granado Information

Granado has posted photos on their Facebook page of their next release Jupiter. [...]

Smart Line-bjd dolls

Spirit Doll has launched a new doll line called Smart FundamentalLine.bjd dolls [...]

Extra OOAK Full-set Dolls

VividNympheas Dolls has more one-of-a-kind dolCharmingls posted for sale.Bjd Bod [...]

Petite Kliff-bjd figures

Little Monicas KArtistic visionliff is now Striking presenceavailable in a Littl [...]

Ringdoll Interviews

Part 1: PaLovelyrt 1~Ringdoll HistoryImpeccable~NormalPart 2: Part 2 ~Ringdoll D [...]