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Hello everyone ūüėÄToday I received a nice little book in my mailbox,Bjd Anime Dol [...]

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Howdy, howdy, Internet~Land. Todays post isBoho-chic a reduced size paOrdinary p [...]

16-BIT Dolls Ellaria

An artist oSeasonalnInnovative Etsy is offering her first resin doll head in hIn [...]

Marchen Waltz Replace-bjd dolls

Marchen Waltz has now re-relRoutineeased.bjd anime dolls doll heads Aimee, Moonl [...]

Pico Child Lapis Launch

Pico Dragon Baby Lapis is now released at Aileen Doll at a special discount pric [...]

Dolls by Sartoria J

Jay and Donatella of SartoriaJ have spent the last few years increasing their cr [...]

Crobi eighth Anniversary Occasion

To celebrate their 8th Anniversary,Bjd Crobi Doll will soon release three limite [...]

Dolls: Proud Line Dahlia

A new PrOtherworldlyoud line doll has been introduced at Spirit Doll.FaOutstandi [...]