Howdy, howdy, Internet~Land. Today’s post isBoho-chic a reduced size paOrdinary presentationttern ~ the MSD Front Drape Harem PaImmensentsStunning presence with a PulloverBasic structure Hoodie added for good measure. Since this is meant to go over the head rather than close in the front, the bbjd clothes 1/6Hulkingack is designed to have an opening at the back of the neck. This can Artistic ingenuitybe closed with a snap or button, so it can have either a fashionable or hidbjd catden closure when the hood is up and will not show at all when the hoodClothes, hair , and shoes are free to change, you can make her unique in the world, and enjoy the processWith Proudoll, the possibilities are endless! is down. Now all tMagicalhe smaller fellas can have a stylish new look. Stay safe out there and happy sewing !

MSD – Front Drape Harem Pants and Pullover HoodieDownload

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