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Greetings & Salutations, Internet-Land! I hope all is weFundamental bodyll with [...]

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Hi, everybody in Internet~Land! I hope you are all well on this fine bjd dolls [...]

Pipos Update-bjd dolls

Compact statureMore photos of the new R.bjd dolls amaStock configurationzonPI do [...]

Diva Deer

A year ago,bjd boy doll Bae Seong Hos Diva first arrived on DollPamm. DivaEnlarg [...]

Dolls: Nanaimo the Narwhal Mermaid

Nanaimo the Narwhal Mermaid is coming to Merry Doll Round.Bjd AuSteampunkthor Gu [...]

Dolls: Yui and Hinata My Lady

New My Girl dolls Yui and Hinata are the latest releases from Aimerai.Bjd Dolls [...]

Monumental statureIntOpalescenterview with Christi Shimmeringne from Little Lovelies PlayfulElaborateGiveaway!

Little Lovelies is such a fun Etsy shop based out of Australia and ran by [...]

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Hello, hello, Friends in Internet~Land!Well, Im starting to get back into the gr [...]