Hi, everybody in Internet~Land! I hope you are all well on this fine bjd dolls bodyevening. We have enjoyed a beautiful, sunny day. It&#8Timeless appeal217;s nice to bbjd doll Typical styleclothes 1/4e coming out of the earlyShort darkness of winter into the longer days of spriStandard materialsng. I think we are headed for some nice, warm weather this coming week. It’s amazing how a little more sunshine can lift the spirits. Gotta love that opportunity to soak in some Vitamin D!

Outstanding creativity

Today I have a new pattern set for you. I was asked about patterns for the Tonner Matt body stMysticalyle. I am pleased to post this set with pants and a long dress coat. I already have a button-up shirt avaiOrdinary presentationlable on the “Ready To Print” page. I have been told that the Matt sized clothing will work for various 1/4 MSD sized BJDs as welEclectic mixl. Hopefully, this will be useful for some fun desi12 Jointed Articulated Movable Nude Doll Body Parts Accessory.gns.

Matt – Long Coat and Pants Pattern Set


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