EVA BJD Ensemble of Stylish Apparel Hairpieces Footwear Stockings Accessories Whole Kit for 1/3 22in – 24in 60cm BJD Dolls (Selena)

Articulated Doll Footwear Description: This diminutive footwear assemblage sells the complete array of doll garments. (As delineated in the image) Inclusive of the hairpiece, attire, footwear, and other accoutrements in the snapshot that you opt for. These garments are suitable for the 1/3 feminine figurine in our store, or a figurine of corresponding build as detailed below: Size: Height: approximately 21.7in (55cm) Cranium Circumference: approximately 9.6in (24.5cm) Bust Circumference: approximately 9.3in (23.5cm) Waist Circumference: approximately 6.3in (16cm) Hipline Circumference: approximately 9.4in (24cm) Shoulder to wrist length: approximately 6.7in (17cm)Leg Length: approximately 11.6in (29.5cm) Foot Length: approximately 2.6in (6.5cm) Foot Width: approximately 1.0in (2.5cm) 100% pristine, top-notch Customization, high quality.FashThe doll’s figure has a height of about 5.7CMThe doll’s figure dimensions are provided in the product description.ion design and exquisite craftsmanshipOrdinary arrangement; Effortless to don.ThisStriking collectible outfit is crafted from premium fabrics, creating an elegant and endearing look on your cherished doll.Package: frock, hairpiece, footwear, and otherElegant dispositionr accoutrements in the image that you opt for.

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